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People and the lab (click here for photos of the lab)

Benol lab

In front of WHOI's Redfield Lab. Woods Hole Aug 2014

Jesús Pineda, Senior Scientist, CV (pdf) j@pineda@who(i).e(d)u


 Vicke Starczak, WHOI Research Specialist CV v@starczak@who(i).e(d)u

  José da Silva, Lecturer, University of Porto and WHOI Visitng Investigator  


Extended members


Annette F. Govindarajan
Research Specialist, WHOI page afr*es%e@w%h(

Sally Rouse,
ex WHOI guest student, from Scottisn Association for Marine Science & University of Aberdeen, UK

 Ana Carolina de Azevedo Mazzuco
Ph. D. candidate, U. Sao Paulo, WHOI Guest student


Filip_Buksa Kristen Davis
Filip Bukša, ex WHOI Summer fellow, from University of Split, Croatia
Filip's research, as featured in Oceanus magazine
Karen Chan
ex-WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar and now Asst Prof at Honk Kong University Sci. & Tech.
Kristen Davis, ex-WHOI Postdoctoral scholar kris@t10davis@gmail.().com and now Asst Prof at UC, Irvine
Anna_Hunter Corinne Prado
Anna Hunter, ex summer student, National University of Ireland, Galway
Robert Kiser
ex summer student, Savannah State University
Corinne Prado, ex summer and winter student, Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Nivette Pérez-Pérez, ex summer fellow, Univ. de Puerto Rico, Humacao Stephan Bitterwolf,  ex summer fellow,  Univ. Virgin Islands Joanna Gyory, Ex MIT-WHOI Joint program student  j@gyory@whoi).ed)u now PD at  Univ. Virgin ISlands
Molly Jacobs, Ex WHOI Postdoctoral scholar (also in Scott Gallager's lab) m()ollywj@gmail.()com, now Assist. Prof. at McDaniel College. Jonathan Blythe, Ex Postdoctoral  investigator and MIT-WHOI Joint  program alumnus Web Page now at NOAA, in Wash. DC jn**blythe@g(ma) Kira Krumhansl, ex summer fellow and field-program participant, now Graduate student at Dalhousie Univ. k@ira.krum(ha)

Brian White, Ex WHOI COI Postdoctoral Scholar, joint appointment at the Phys. Ocean. and Biol. Depts. b@white@un(c.)edu, now Asst. Prof. at UNC

Fabian Tapia, Ex WHOI -MIT joint program alumnus, now postdoc at Univ. Concepcion ft@apiaj@udec().cl Nathalie Reyns, Ex WHOI OLI Postdoctoral Scholar, Biol. Dept., Web Page nr@eyns@sandieg(o.)edu and now Asst. Prof. at USD
Hazel Levine, Ex Barnacle consultant, Lynne Davies , Ex WHOI ex-Guest Student, Bowdoin College , now student at University of Maine Paula Pérez-Brunius, Ex- WHOI Postdoctoral Investigator, now at the Dept. Phys. Ocean., at CICESE, Mexico brun(ius@cicese.m)x
Manuel López, Researcher at CICESE, Mexico, and WHOI Guest Investigator m@alope@cice(s) Pilar Martínez, Volunteer from Valdivia, Chile (now at Puerto Varas) p@ilarmares@yah(o) Raquel Suárez-Valle , Ph.D. Student, Universidad de Oviedo, Spain, and WHOI Guest student rasuva1980@gmail.@c)om

Carolina Cartes Cortés, WHOI Guest Investigator and Univ. Católica de la Ssma. Concepción, Concepción, Chile c@cartes@ucs(c).cl

Vanessa Molina-Sanchez, Volunteer from University of Valencia, Spain vanmosa@ya( Ricardo Coutinho, WHOI guest Investigator and researcher at Instituto de Estudos do Mar Almirante Paulo Moreira, Arraial do Cabo, Brazil r@coutinhosa@yah(o)

Tom Bird, Volunteer,University of Victoria, Canada

Claudio DiBacco, Ex WHOI PD Fellow

Michelle Reyes, Volunteer from Manila, Philippines.
Todd Stuckle, Ex- barnacle consultant Jerry Jarret, Professor at Central Connecticut University and WHOI Guest Investigator jar(rettj@ccsu.e)du Anna von Reden, Ex-Lab Assistant
Tracy Pugh. Ex- WHOI Research Assistant Dirk Riebensahm Ex- guest student Jim Leichter Ex- WHOI Postdoctoral Scholar and Investigator
Lis Suefke Ex- WHOI Research Assistant. Ed Parnell Ex- WHOI Postdoctoral Investigator  

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