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Gansett Point, Buzzards Bay, Massachusetts, January and February 2002

(All photos © Jesús Pineda and WHOI. All rights reserved.)

Participants: Tracy Pugh, Vicke Starczak, Todd Stueckle and Jesús Pineda

Tracy taking a shot of a 1.6 cm permanent quadrat. See the pictures below.

Tracy in the foreground, Todd and Vicke in the background.

Semibalanus balanoides cyprids and metamorphs. The cyprids are about 1mm long. The older barnacle in the upper right is Chthamalus.

The name of this permanent quadrat is "the little friends" or "les petits amis". This spot is where we first observed cyprids in early January 2001, and we have been revisiting our little friends ever since. You can see Semibalanus balanoides cyprids, metamorphs and juveniles. The older two barnacles in the center left are Chthamalus.

Semibalanus balanoides metamorph about 1 mm in maximum length. A metamorph is a barnacle that metamorphosed from cyprid within the last 3-4 days. After 3-4 days the metamorphs start to produce a visible whitish calcareous shell (see the pictures above)

Semibalanus metamorphs and cyprids. Late February, 2002. The red button is a bee tag.

Semibalanus balanoides: cyprids, metamorphs and young barnacles. Late February 2002.

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